Sing Secret Space

Sing Secret Space

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Luckily i hav u all beside me..

when i m happy, u share the happiness wit me.. when i m sad, u try to make me laugh n forget all the unhappy things.. or else u juz sit beside me n becum my listener..
*yin hui n jia ji thx for the funny dance n song yesterday, i luv it so much, n it really wash away my bad mood..n also pek chieng for accompany me when i m cry..
if i dun know u guys, i really dunno wil i be tough after yesterday event..
u are.. yin hui, jia ji, pek chieng, pei shum, wai chong, kar keng n oso dominus chin.. my beloved friends forever..
feel lucky to hav u all.. luv u so much.muacks..
i really appreciate n feel thankful coz god let me meet u guys in TARC..

's happen..

i ard broke up wit my boy friend yesterday this 6 yrs time i really feel very "bahagia".. coz he really take care me n love me so much.. but really as the time pass, it wil change n bring something from us.. he becum different if compared to the guy tat i knew 6 yrs ago... but i really appreciate wad he giv to me.. all this memories i wil kept in my heart forever..
n yesterday i cant really sleep well coz maybe i stil miss him.. coz this relationship got 6 yrs long ard..
but i din regret.. coz i remember wad my mum told me, " the things tat u hav nw wil nt be wit u forever".. i believe this statement..
n i found tat "love" is nt everything.. wish he got another gal tat luv him too.. may god bless u my dear..
n i really cant accept having sex before married.. do u? maybe i m really old minded..
wish all the best to u, Andrew in your coming STPM.. good luck n hope we can stil be friend..
*the pic above i captured it fews year ago when i stil wit HIM.. it looks happy n cheerful rite..
coz he really bring lots of happiness to me..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Home sweet home

I miss my lovely bed!!
I miss my sofa..
N of course my mum...


Wad u get frm this picture? anything?
For me...
the feeling of freedom is pretend out in this pic...
Or juz like u take a deep breathe after finish a hard work...
Anything can be for this picture n it is depend on u..

Monday, July 19, 2010

A & C

Distance and time can really change a relationship to different stage...
I really feel tat when i moved to KL..
we seems like do not contact each other long time...

sometimes i really need u but u r not beside me..sometimes when i m doing assignment in the middle of night, i really there is someone beside me, give me support, or even make me a hot milo or help me to put on the jacket...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I juz wake up de noob face...

Went out again wit Ultraman sisters... Eat fried chicken set again..drink teh kekwa again..and eat tauge again...haha..

Da Er Duo and Ultraman Sisters

I really enjoy going out wit Jane n Abbie.. I really feel glad to know both of u..

Cos they really make so much laughter n happiness to me..

But it has been quite a long time we do not went out together.. maybe all of us busy wit our own studies kua...

really miss the time we went out together...hope our friendship wil stay tight forever..

n i wanna to take this opportunity n say sorry to pek chieng..coz there is once we went to Sg Wang, and i do not accompay you to toilet...N when we back to hostel, Abbie reminds me to accompany u to toilet next time..coz it is very dangerous..sorry coz i do not notice bout hw danger there is..n i feel tat after tat incident... me n abbie seems like not so close ard..maybe i m too sensitive kua.. sorry, pek chieng...n sorry, abbie..

College friends tat close to me...

They make me laugh, make my life not getting boring... I really luv u all..Muacks..

Friend is really a needed element in my life... I need u guys forever..

My lovely mum and I

My mum n I seldom captured picture together de...
coz she dun wan to take picture wit me when she din put on make up..
my mum really care on her appearance..although she is 40 plus nw, but she stil keep herself in the best look..

My m

Way back to malacca wit the accompanation of 2 best friends

I so blurr... This is this is the 1st time i bring them to malacca..

but i forget to " turun" at bkt jalil... n straight went to the last station Sri Petaling...
I feel nervous on tat time.. coz i scare i cant bring them to malacca safely..
N when we reach malacca main bus station, i dunno the way out from bus station..
coz the bus station was too big...
malu again...coz malacca people dun know the way out frm bus station..
is it funny? coz almost 18 years i stay in malacca, but i nvr took bus before..haha..

Finger food

This is my friend- Abbie n Pek Chieng's favorite..
Name for this food - Ping Tang Hu Lu
* u can have it at jonker street malacca n it only costs u RM2.50..
cheap rite? faster go malacca n try it..
i think u wil like it...


huh, my assignment n presentations are finished at this moment..there is no more assignment n presentations for this semester anymore... nw the only word tat can describe my feelings is from assignment n presentations..
I hate assignment coz assignment wil make us quarrel among the groupmates..
N assignment wil also make u becum more hot-tempered..
N i hate the name of " GROUP ASSIGNMENT " coz it is only a term, it doesnt mean anything... coz u wil do everything for it if u hav tat kind of ability...
Someone told me tat assignment is a task or challenge tat given by school tat we can learn hw to communicate n socialize wit others.. i agree wit it, but i feel difficult to do it..
Coz different people hav different way to do things.. n some of them did not know wad is appreciate...when people do something for u, u should feel thankful n dont juz keep critise people's work...i can accept wad u critic, but before u critise people's work, u should think tat " are u did/ contribute anything to this assignment". if the answer is " NO" pls behave or think properly before u talk...
N pls take care bout ur groupmates feelings...
Now i feel tat i juz like a mad lazy...keep writing n release out my feeling in this blog..
Although assignment is a hard work for me, but when u see ur work gain a high marks, all the unhappiness things tat happenned before tat, wil straight dissappear in one second..

Thursday, May 13, 2010


my seniors and friends always said that:" life's in KL is really fun and fanstatics." but for me, it's don't... i think this is because i m staying in hostel lo...n forget to share with u all, my course has a really cool name- SSH or SSSH.. it means that school of social science and humanities...n i have been selected by my senior to participate in talent time.. i took part in singing and emcee.. n as a result, i got 2nd audition.. haha.. this few days, i know lots of friend.. abbie, hui min, may may, yun ling, pek yu n some i cant really remember their names.....they r so cute n friendly..n the briefing today is so fun n interesting.. i stil remember the lecterer that come back from US- Ms Marzita...she is so updated.. tomorrow wil be a bored day to me.. coz all my friends r going back to malacca..

Saturday, May 8, 2010


today is the first day i started my college's life... my life is just like press in the restart key.. all the things start all over again.. i have to face up new environment, new friends, new room mate n etc..
i cried... when my mother saying goodbye to me.. coz tjis is the first time i left home n her....
today once i reach tar college, she helps me to tidy up all the things.. on that time, i really hope that the time can be froozen.. i wish to with her all the time..but..
n today i know a new friend from batu pahat, jia ying .. she looks nice n pretty..
tats all for today, bye bye...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

goodbye mum, n goodbye malacca

tomorrow, 8 of May is the time for me to further my study... n this is the 1st time i went out from housefor 4 years long.. i think i wil miss my mum a lot... mummy, i feel so sad becoz cant celebrate mother's day with u.. mum, i love u so much n happy mother's day..n i think it is a chance for me to learn independence.. mum, i wil study hard n become the top DJ in Malaysia...
goodbye mum n my home, malacca..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

haiz... so bad...

before that i m going to post up a letter that i wrote to my dad when he is gone... but unfortunately, my computer cannot type in chinese.. so bad..
hope i have the chance to share the letter with you all..

my real mind to our relationship

This few days i m having a confused mind.. i really dunno the way to remain this relationship.. there are already 5 years we r coupled.. it is really a long time.. but i found that when he started his form 6's life.. the distance between us is larger n larger.. maybe the things he learnt n friends he knowed are different with me.. so the gap is started.. i m going to furter my study few days more.. so i really worried our relationship wil stop here.. there r really lots of sweet memories in tis 5 years.. i stil kept the seashells that we picked together at penang's beach..i stil kept the small cute toys that you made for me.. i stil remember every day everyday before i went to bed u wil told me that :" good night n love u forever n ever my lao po." but now, all are different. i really... dunno wad to do?? =_=

my moody mood

dunno y i feel confused n angry when saw my mum's boyfriend...i feel mad when i m ordering by my mum to do tis n tat..after move into new house,i feel tat my freedom is gone so far away... i wish i can move to my college as fast as possible...n my wish wil be achieve 3 days more..hurray..