Sing Secret Space

Sing Secret Space

Thursday, May 13, 2010


my seniors and friends always said that:" life's in KL is really fun and fanstatics." but for me, it's don't... i think this is because i m staying in hostel lo...n forget to share with u all, my course has a really cool name- SSH or SSSH.. it means that school of social science and humanities...n i have been selected by my senior to participate in talent time.. i took part in singing and emcee.. n as a result, i got 2nd audition.. haha.. this few days, i know lots of friend.. abbie, hui min, may may, yun ling, pek yu n some i cant really remember their names.....they r so cute n friendly..n the briefing today is so fun n interesting.. i stil remember the lecterer that come back from US- Ms Marzita...she is so updated.. tomorrow wil be a bored day to me.. coz all my friends r going back to malacca..

Saturday, May 8, 2010


today is the first day i started my college's life... my life is just like press in the restart key.. all the things start all over again.. i have to face up new environment, new friends, new room mate n etc..
i cried... when my mother saying goodbye to me.. coz tjis is the first time i left home n her....
today once i reach tar college, she helps me to tidy up all the things.. on that time, i really hope that the time can be froozen.. i wish to with her all the time..but..
n today i know a new friend from batu pahat, jia ying .. she looks nice n pretty..
tats all for today, bye bye...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

goodbye mum, n goodbye malacca

tomorrow, 8 of May is the time for me to further my study... n this is the 1st time i went out from housefor 4 years long.. i think i wil miss my mum a lot... mummy, i feel so sad becoz cant celebrate mother's day with u.. mum, i love u so much n happy mother's day..n i think it is a chance for me to learn independence.. mum, i wil study hard n become the top DJ in Malaysia...
goodbye mum n my home, malacca..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

haiz... so bad...

before that i m going to post up a letter that i wrote to my dad when he is gone... but unfortunately, my computer cannot type in chinese.. so bad..
hope i have the chance to share the letter with you all..

my real mind to our relationship

This few days i m having a confused mind.. i really dunno the way to remain this relationship.. there are already 5 years we r coupled.. it is really a long time.. but i found that when he started his form 6's life.. the distance between us is larger n larger.. maybe the things he learnt n friends he knowed are different with me.. so the gap is started.. i m going to furter my study few days more.. so i really worried our relationship wil stop here.. there r really lots of sweet memories in tis 5 years.. i stil kept the seashells that we picked together at penang's beach..i stil kept the small cute toys that you made for me.. i stil remember every day everyday before i went to bed u wil told me that :" good night n love u forever n ever my lao po." but now, all are different. i really... dunno wad to do?? =_=

my moody mood

dunno y i feel confused n angry when saw my mum's boyfriend...i feel mad when i m ordering by my mum to do tis n tat..after move into new house,i feel tat my freedom is gone so far away... i wish i can move to my college as fast as possible...n my wish wil be achieve 3 days more..hurray..