Sing Secret Space

Sing Secret Space

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Luckily i hav u all beside me..

when i m happy, u share the happiness wit me.. when i m sad, u try to make me laugh n forget all the unhappy things.. or else u juz sit beside me n becum my listener..
*yin hui n jia ji thx for the funny dance n song yesterday, i luv it so much, n it really wash away my bad mood..n also pek chieng for accompany me when i m cry..
if i dun know u guys, i really dunno wil i be tough after yesterday event..
u are.. yin hui, jia ji, pek chieng, pei shum, wai chong, kar keng n oso dominus chin.. my beloved friends forever..
feel lucky to hav u all.. luv u so much.muacks..
i really appreciate n feel thankful coz god let me meet u guys in TARC..

's happen..

i ard broke up wit my boy friend yesterday this 6 yrs time i really feel very "bahagia".. coz he really take care me n love me so much.. but really as the time pass, it wil change n bring something from us.. he becum different if compared to the guy tat i knew 6 yrs ago... but i really appreciate wad he giv to me.. all this memories i wil kept in my heart forever..
n yesterday i cant really sleep well coz maybe i stil miss him.. coz this relationship got 6 yrs long ard..
but i din regret.. coz i remember wad my mum told me, " the things tat u hav nw wil nt be wit u forever".. i believe this statement..
n i found tat "love" is nt everything.. wish he got another gal tat luv him too.. may god bless u my dear..
n i really cant accept having sex before married.. do u? maybe i m really old minded..
wish all the best to u, Andrew in your coming STPM.. good luck n hope we can stil be friend..
*the pic above i captured it fews year ago when i stil wit HIM.. it looks happy n cheerful rite..
coz he really bring lots of happiness to me..